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Enter Blood Glucose, Carbs eaten and Boluses

Quickly log the information that is critical to managing and understanding your blood sugars.  This information is used for review and analysis throughout the application.  This is your daily 5 minute time investment.

History Log

The history provides a record of all entries.  This helps validate what has been entered and provides a detailed log of the day.  If necessary, edit or delete entries from here.

Review your Daily Totals

Gain insight into your daily and hourly values for blood sugar, carbohydrates, boluses and steps.  Set goals and see your attainment.

Application Overview

Watch this five minute video for a demonstration of what the solution offers.

Improve your blood glucose balance


Do you have 5 minutes a day to improve your blood glucose balance?  That's about how long it takes to enter the key information impacting your blood glucose levels.  



Daily Summary


Review your average blood glucose, total carbs, total bolus and total steps for each day to see how you are performing and the correlation of carbs, bolus and steps affect your blood sugar.

Review Charts

Take advantage of charts to view your blood sugar data in graphical form.

Monthly View

Review your blood sugar information in a calendar view.  Gain insight into variations by day of the week or season.

Store Your HA1C Test Results

Keep a complete history or your HA1C test results and track how you are performing test to test.

GlucoBalance overview


User Settings

Personalize your settings to best meet your individual needs and goals.

Export Your Data

Export your data to share with others or perform offline analysis.

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